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Services provided by our specialists

Doctor and Patient
  • ​Infertility treatment

  • Operative gynecology

  • Diagnosis and treatment of STDs

  • Preventive examination

  • Contraception

Comprehensive Eye Examinations
Aesthetic gynecology
  • ​Plasmolifting

  • Plastic surgery

Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman
  • Prenatal care

  • Non-invasive prenatal test - NIFTY

  • Termination of pregnancy

Home Nurse Making Bed
Day inpatient care
  • In case of gynecological diseases

  • In case of pregnancy pathologies

USG (Ultrasonography)
  • ​Gynecological ultrasonography

  • Ultrasonography of mammary glands

  • Dopplerography of blood vessels of the head and neck

  • Dopplerography of the blood vessels of the lower extremities

Useful information
  • NIPTIFY test

  • Supplements

  • Vitamin complex

  • Handling

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