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Aesthetic gynecology

Comprehensive Eye Examinations


​Plasmolifting with I-PRF for intimate area

Plasmolifting is a minimally traumatic procedure during which cells from the patient's own body are injected under the mucous membrane and no allergic reaction has been observed.

As a result of the procedure:

  • The mucous membrane is restored, including the condition of the mucous membrane after chronic vaginal inflammations

  • Muscle tone increases

  • Scar tissue after vaginal surgery or after childbirth is reduced

  • Changes caused by leukoplakia are reduced, etc. c.

Plastic surgery

Female genital plastic surgery

Genital plastic surgery is performed not only to improve the aesthetic appearance of a woman's genitals.

This field of medicine is most often perceived as quite spicy, but not very serious, but this is not correct, because this field balances between plastic surgery, gynecology, and partly also with psychiatry, because dissatisfaction with one's body affects the psychological state of a woman. Plastic surgeons believe that in order for a person, in this case a woman, to feel good, she must be satisfied with her whole body, both with those parts of the body that are visible to everyone and with those that are hidden from the eyes of others.

Aesthetic gynecological operations can be divided into 2 groups: The first group includes surgical intervention to improve the appearance of the external genitalia. In the second group - manipulations aimed at improving the functional deficiencies of the organs.

Most patients seek medical-aesthetic help to improve the appearance of the labia. Some women feel that they are too big, while others experience a lack of volume, while others feel that their labia are too dark or shrunken. As many women, as many desires and needs.

Often, women tend to enlarge the labia, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also to increase the relief, which gives the woman herself and her partner more sexual pleasure. Surgeons usually try to fulfill any wishes of patients, provided that the woman is warned about the risks associated with aesthetic corrections of the labia. It is important for a woman to know that the proper structure and size of the labia helps to protect against unwanted infections. For labia augmentation, the patient's own adipose tissue graft is mostly used. Sometimes certain biopolymer gels are also used, but the attitude of plastic surgeons towards this method is divided, so the majority stick to the method with the patient's fat tissue transplantation.

On the other hand, if the labia are too large, liposuction is performed, or in other words, liposuction, or resection - cutting off all the excess. Too large labia do not cause health problems and are not considered a pathology, but they can cause significant discomfort in intimate life.

The second group includes women who need to improve the functional activity of the genitals, which is mainly related to sexual function. As you know, the most sensitive part of a woman's genitals is the clitoris. Stimulating it leads to clitoral erection and orgasm. But for some women, the clitoris is located under too large a fold of skin, as a result of which the woman has problems reaching orgasm and the woman may lose the pleasure of physical intimacy. This problem can be solved with a simple surgical intervention.

Many women still want the clitoris to be moved closer to the entrance of the vagina. It is possible to do this, but it is very difficult. The operation can affect the nerve endings of the clitoris, and if even one of them hurts after the operation, it is no longer possible for a woman to have normal sexual satisfaction. Therefore, before making such a risky decision, it is necessary to think hard whether the risk justifies the means!

Some women, especially after repeated births, experience a stretch of the perineum, as a result, the vagina loses its usual shape, and this moment can also be the reason why a woman no longer gets pleasure from sexual intercourse. The female partner also suffers from this problem. There are cases when the vagina is stretched from birth, the cause is not always muscle weakness. To achieve the narrowing of the vagina, a small incision is made in the back wall of the vagina by suturing the vaginal tissues, resulting in a reduction in the volume of the vagina. Sometimes surgeons face the opposite problem - a narrowed vagina. Sometimes the cause is congenital diseases, injuries, unsuccessful operations for perineal tears after childbirth, during which the vaginal tissues are unsuccessfully sutured, respectively, incorrectly applied sutures and scars that form afterwards can cause severe discomfort during sexual intercourse. To solve this problem, the structure of the vagina is rebuilt.

There are also patients who want to restore their virginity. The technique of this procedure is not complicated, it takes place under intravenous (general) anesthesia, during which the doctor connects the mucous membrane of the vagina, thereby re-creating the hymen. However, it is important not to connect a too thick layer of vaginal mucosa, because then the hymen becomes thick and the loss of virginity becomes a very unpleasant process. It is not necessary to remove the threads, as they are absorbed by themselves.

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