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Day inpatient care

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In the day inp[atient care, it is possible to receive the necessary help in case of gynecological diseases and pregnancy pathologies.

You can receive all prescribed treatment at a time convenient for you.

Minor gynecological operations are performed under general anesthesia:

  • in case of pregnancy pathology;

  • method; termination of pregnancy by vacuum excochleation

  • in the case of gynecological surgery, which requires interventions in the uterine cavity for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes, such as endometrial hyperplasia, uterine myoma, endometrial or cervical polyp, genital bleeding of unknown origin and other pathological conditions;

  • plastic surgery in gynecology;

  • other gynecological operations that can be performed as part of a day hospital.

The anesthesia is taken care of by a doctor - anesthesiologist: Dr. Ilona Klimova.

Modern and sufficiently optimal, individually dosed general anesthesia is used in the Dubultu Doktorāts. During manipulations and anesthesia, the patient's condition is controlled and monitored to achieve maximum safety. During anesthesia, patients do not have any unpleasant feelings, waking up is easy, without unpleasant feelings.

The patient goes home approximately 2 hours after the manipulation. In order for our cooperation to be successful, it is necessary to remember that the liquid should not be consumed for 4 hours before anesthesia, and no food should be eaten for 8 hours. If you have the results of the last month's tests, you should bring them with you.

In the doctorate, it is possible to receive consultations, by arranging a convenient time for the patient in advance, on any question related to anesthesiology, including analgesia during childbirth.

All manipulations are carried out:

  • ​professionally;

  • adequately;

  • saving your time as much as possible and not making you wait unnecessarily;

  • in a favorable environment;

  • discreet and confidential

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